Discovering the Juno app

So, if you’re anything like me hearing about an app which connects you with paedriticans and midwives from the click of the button sounds like a dream and too good to be true! …. Well alas! Welcome to the Juno app! Their midwifery service has just launched!!!! 🥳

Juno is an easy to use app that gives you instant access to a network of expertly qualified midwives and paedriticans. Whether you are a parent or parent to be you can get reassuring and reliable advice without leaving your home. No matter if it’s a question, query or concern, Juno is always at hand to give speedy guidance when parents need it most.

Being in the middle of a pandemic this app is just ideal. The amount of times I’ve not known where to go for guidance, if it’s A&E, 111 or a family member. It means you can get guidance whilst staying home which is ideal if you’re a mum of multiples. No matter how small I think my question is – I can now grab my phone and access midwifery advice.

I am so excited that Juno have now launched the midwifery service! I struggle in pregnancy as many do, I don’t know who to call as community midwives finish and I don’t always want to call the hospital. Juno app gives me reassurance knowing I can access help so easily with Juno Midwifery Moments. It really does relieve some of my anxiety.

The Juno App is there for your reassurance! You as a paren can turn to them during any stage of your child’s life & know they will talk you through and give you expert advice within minutes. The team on the oyenr side of the phone are so friendly and patient. This app truly is amazing.

There’s been so many times with Nate & Callie that I wish I’ve had this app! But I’m so thrilled to now have it for my third pregnancy! Pregnancy is such a exciting but worrying time so to be able to access a service so quickly and easily when I’m feeling anxious really does make me feel so much better.

I really recommend downloading it if you are a parent or parent to be!

You can download it here –

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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