Festive fun in the tiers!

So, as most the country has gone into tier 3, it’s difficult not to let this ruin your Christmas cheer! People are left wondering what you can still do under the restrictions. It’s such a magical time of year for kids so us as parents want to make it as special as possible! Even if it means we can’t sit on Santa’s lap.. eh I mean the kids .. obviously. So here’s a list I’ve come up with, fun activities you can do with the kiddies when boredom hits and when restrictions restrict 😂

Winter walk/ drive to see lights – we have recently done this and this is probably now my favourite thing to do! I put up on a Facebook page on my area asking where good roads/ houses are. Two popular roads came up so We went to a costa drive thru and made our way to see the lights! We drove and then jumped out at the end of the road, we then walked down the road to see the lights. It was honestly magical!!!!!! It was so much fun aswell, Nate was in his element!

Garden centres – what a classic Christmas activity!!! Garden centres are notorious for being so christmasy and the ones near me are reallt reallt amaIng. They really do make them into a winter wonderland! The kids love it and Nate runs round looking at all the decorations!

Santa – we tracked Santa! When we were in tier 2, we went to a Santa grotto , socially distanced. We also booked into dobbies Christmas party. Each family sat on a table, kid had dinner and we had coffee & cake. Santa then came round talking to every child then they all played games! Each child then went up to collect their gift and it was all socially distanced and super safe! Charities also run this thing where Santa goes round on a float and you track him then you find him and get out your car and the float stops and he chats to you! It was so much fun , Nate loved looking out for Santa!!!

Christmas shopping – I mean it’s not the most fun thing for kids but the shops are still open! Nate loves getting involved and choosing presents too.

Baking – I mean I’m not a lover of baking but I see others bake! Festive cookies and I’ve seen this amazing Christmas tree Nutella pastry thing which looks super easy and yummy! Also kids loving baking

Christmas crafternoon- I’ve seen cute ideas of dipping kids feet in paint and making reindeers from the footprints super cute idea. Also making wreaths and your own Christmas cards!

Parks – pretty standard but a good activity which kids love. Just remember your flask of coffee.

Winter walks- wrap up warm and get some fresh air! We love walking around a lake near us, it also has takeout coffee & a big park!

Writing letter to Santa & going to post it! Nate absolutely loved doing this and we managed to stretch it out over an hour As he decorated his letter then we found a postbox etc.

Cosy night in- Christmas pjs, hot chocolate and movies. These are my favourite nights EVER. I’d take this over a night out ANYDAY! Family movie nights! I can’t wait for Christmas Eve ❤️

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to still have fun under restrictions! Borris can’t ruin our Christmas cheer!!!!

Lots of love

Daisy x

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