Gift guide for 8 month old girl

So Christmas is fast approaching!! And I wasn’t actually going to post a gift guide this year. Christmas presents are such a controversial subject aren’t they?! Some people ‘overdo’ it, some people feel like they haven’t got enough. There’s always mum guilts and social media can trigger this! You’re happy with your gifts for your child then go onto Instagram then you see another kids pile 3x the size of your child’s and you start feeling bad. This years been tough financially on so many, being furloughed, losing jobs. We were hit by this as Jack lost his job and was unemployed for a few months but luckily he searched and searched and he’s landed a job better money than he has ever been on! This means we have been able to get our kids everything we wanted to this year. However many haven’t, so I didn’t want to trigger anyone or make anyone panic that they haven’t got their children enough. That’s the last thing I’d ever want to do. So that being said, I’ve had quite a few messages asking when my gift guide will be out. If it wasn’t requested as much as it was then I wouldn’t have posted. But people do come to my page as you know me, I like to post a haul! And people do genuienly buy things I buy which still blows my mind! So if this can help anyone and give anyone ideas of inspo on what to get their children then I’m happy!! However please don’t feel like if Nate or Callie have more than your children that you need to go panic buy, because you DON’T!!! Children remember who’s around the tree not who’s under it! I don’t like to go too overboard as I do spoil them throughout the year – random toys and toys when we are out shopping etc! Anyway!!!!! So ladies first! Let’s start with Callie.

So this little book is from Aldi and was £2.99. I thought it was so cute and she’ll love the little sounds! It is sound out online however I bought it in store!

She already has this and absolutely obsessed with it , I had already bought it when she was gifted it! So I kept it as she can have one at my mums and one for mine as she loves it so much it’s her favourite toy! I got it from Argos in the 2 for £15 section. However I just googled to get the link and you can get it from home bargains for £7.99

So I always wanted to get Callie a little pram! There’s ones so much more expensive however I got this one from Aldi for £16.99. It’s completely sold out so pointless leaving the link! But hopefully it can give you inspo!

The wooden pull along toy is also unavailable was was £6.99 and was from Aldi.

I thought this would be cute for Callie to use of I can use as I used to use a little backpack for Nate for nappies and wipes and a bottle! It was from home bargains and was £9.99 i can’t find it online but I got it in store.

Callies at the right age for a Walker and thought she would love this activity table as she loves sitting and actually playing with toys now. It will also be good when she’s pulling herself up and standing! Jack bought these for her but I’ll link the cheapest I can find. The Walker £28.99 smyths

Activity table £24.99 smyths.

I forgot to take an individual pic soz! This unicorn ride on! So you may have noticed the unicorn theme…. Callie was born in national unicorn day so she’s our little unicorn🦄 we got this from £32.99 from Aldi however it is unavailable but you can get it for £34.99 from smyths.

I absolutely love these books! I got this one for Callies Christmas Eve box, I got it in Asda for £4.99 however found it on WH Smith’s for £5.05–childrens/9780746062609.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgMzC7M3B7QIVitPtCh12iQ7uEAQYAiABEgK0dvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

More unicorns! So I got the unicorn clicker pal from Argos in the 2 for £15 with the v tech singing teddy or it’s £10 alone

The unicorn tumbling friend I just know she is gonna love! It was £5 from the entertainer

I hope this has helped! I will be posting Nates gift guide for a 3 year old tomorrow!! Keep an eye out.

Lots of love

Daisy x

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