Pregnant in a pandemic.. again

So I can’t believe I’m saying this already but I am expecting baby number 3! Already! BIT of a shock. It’s also my second pregnancy in the pandemic. I have birth to Callie in April 2 weeks after the country went into a hard lockdown. I entered lockdown 1 pregnant and I also entered the November lockdown pregnant…. but with different babies. How surreal is that!

So… it was a bit of a shock. We both really wanted another baby together but our plan was to get married, move into our forever home and then try for baby number 3. But this baba was determind to join our family!

I first got the ‘gut’ feeling when I was In Turkey which was beginning of October. I texted jack straight away ‘I’m pregnant and it’s a Boy’ I was salting my chips like crazy and was like what am I doing?! I was craving salt then it hit me wow I haven’t craved salt like this since Nate… hang on…. and it just clicked! I stopped drinking and then came home and we took a test! Positive. I can’t say I was super thrilled. In fact I was the opposite. My first initial reaction was to book an appointment for other options. I didn’t feel ready physically or mentally. I have a really tough time being pregnant and get quite severe SPD and I struggle with the hormones. Pregnancy isn’t really a happy time for me! Obviously it is a blessing and I am so lucky to be able to fall pregnant but I do struggle with it physically and mentally. The thought of being pregnant again terrified me. The thought of having 2 children 14 months and under terrifies me!!!!!!

So I probably cried for a good few days. My mum was super positive and so was Jack. Whenever I said a negative to my mum like “ I live in a 2 bedroom maisonette” she would say “ but you’re moving to a big house” “ Callie needs me ” “ Callie has always shared you and you are giving her the best gift, a forever best friend so close in age, they’ll be so close” Jack was happy but would always support me in what I wanted. He would go whichever way I wanted. we both agreed it was the wrong timing, but we couldn’t do the other option. Worst timing but everything happens for a reason. I think I struggled with our life plans and timeline being altered. We wanted to get married and move into our forever home all settled before having another baby. Now I keep thinking in my head ok so if we have a baby now, we will be moving into the house next year but which month. It’s very stressful! We wanted to get married when Callie was old enough to want to walk down the aisle so she 3, but now we want the same for the baby so that’s also been pushed back a year! I like a plan. And this baby has come along and changed the plans!

But it really is a blessing. After a few weeks, I started feeling so much more positive. Yes it’s going to be a struggle, yes our lives will be manic. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! My life’s always been 100mph and crazy! We can’t wait to welcome them to the madhouse. We now think, we wanted another one , so we may as well get it out the way! Instead of waiting 3 years, where I’d be off work anyway, then I’d go back to my career then have another career break to have baby number 3.. atleast this way I can be done with babies, raise them then when they go to school go back to my career and start working on that with no maternity breaks!

We do believe it really is meant to be. This pregnancy is so much harder to hide! You really do start showing and bigger the more pregnancies you have! With Nate and Callie I had a gut instinct on their gender but this one I have NO idea! First of all I thought boy, but now I’m leaning to girl as my skin is bad and I have no morning sickness. With Nate I’d throw up everyday, Callie I was nauseous 24/7 but this one I will have tiny waves of nausea but basically NOTHING! How amazing! I am just super tired but that comes from a 3 year old & 7 month old who is basically crawling!

Bring on the challenge! I love our life and we will love this new addition so much! Trust the timing of your life!!!!! We are so excited.

Fun fact for you all- we had our 12 week scan and we had no idea how far we were. But baby is due in June! Also…….. we’ve worked out when I conceived … when we put Callie in her cot in her room 🤪🤪 for the people who say how do we find the time to have sex… there’s always fine 😝😝 our sex life is still very very healthy!

And yes, we will be finding out the gender.. New Year’s Eve!

Anddd one last thing. For all you neggys… it is MY womb and we are HAPPY! So let us be.

Lots of love

Daisy Jane x

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  1. Ahhh Daisy, congratulations to you all. Super exciting, wonderful news. Ignore anyone that says otherwise 💜💙 Lots of love, I’ve been a fan of you since way before Nate so it’s incredible seeing you growing & changing. You’re making your babies proud of you..


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