The rainbow is worth the storm ❤️

So I haven’t actually really spoken about mine and jacks relationship in detail or the bumps we’ve faced. It hasn’t always been plain sailing, let me tell you that! 😂 I’ve always kept the lows private as With relationships- people ALWAYS form opinions, however I do believe no one can realllllly know the relationship other than the two people in it. With friends, I’m SO guilty of this, you tend to tell them the bad things and the stuff you vent about as they’re your friends and the shoulder to cry on. I’m not one to pop up to my friends to tell them how amazing jack is and the amazing things he’s done for me that day being cute or to make my life easier. So they do naturally form opinions based on the bad stuff you tell them! This is why my mum is always the best for advice as she knows ALLLL the highs & lows. Anyway, I’ll get into it from the start…

We met on tinder! Tinderellaaaaa, Ella, Ella. I had just come out of a relationship in December and me and jack met in March. I wasn’t ready for a relationship whatsoever, I was recovering mentally and did not want to commit to anyone or risk being hurt again. So when me and jack first met, it was super casual. We both came out of crapppp relationships so had a bad view on relationships, and both hadn’t found ‘the one’ . As you know single mums, dating is super hard as you need to find childcare etc so it’s kind of a ‘come over’ sitch a lot as you’re confined to your house because of little ones in bed. I’ll always remember, he came round on a Tuesday, I was in silky short pjs, he told me when he followed me up the stairs he was checking out my arse and thinking how fit I was LOL. he came round wearing jeans and he had tracksuit bottoms with him as we were just chilling, he went and changed into them which I thought was just too cute. He bought round 4 beers & a bottle of rosé. We sat and just talked the entire night and he ended up staying over! We would text here and there but nothing too much. He came over again a few days later I think and same again, chatted all night and getting to know eachother. We had planned to meet up again and he did not get back to me ALLLLL day! I thought it was so fucking rude so I blocked him. Nobody got time for dat! Like come on jack, a text would have sufficed! He now says he was super hungover so I do kinda get it. The last thing you wanna do is go socialise and put on your best front when you feel like crap. But anyway he was blocked. Untillllll…

About a week and half later, I went out out with my friends and ended up booty calling him at like 3am LOOL. He texted me to get a car to his and he’d look after me. I got there and it was him and his friend Reece. So anyway, I stayed over. Funny story is, I joked around leaving and he acted all cool like yeah do what you want so I was like yeah fuck you and went and chatted to his brother. Chatted his ear off for an hour or so 😂 but anyway, morning comes and we always called this weekend ‘The Weekend’ it’s when things really changed for both of us. We both didn’t want anything serious so It was all fun and casual. So morning comes, jacks saying he’ll drop me home however I’ve gone into the lounge where his friend stayed over, and we start having bants and decided we should absolutely all go for beers. So there we go, we quickly drove to mine, I freshened up, we headed to the pub! Day drinks!!!! It’s funny, I went to the toilet and I came back overheard him say something to his friend which was such a dick move and I still bring it up to him 😂😂 anyway, we are getting along well and I remember at one point looking at him thinking, wow I actually fancy you loads, I felt the twinge/ start of feelies. But I brushed it off and continued my vodka soda lime. We started arranging dates etc and said we’d get the kids together for play dates as back then he didn’t really know what to do with his child or where to take him! He’s changed so much In that sense, he is a completely different dad now to when we first met!! It’s actually crazy how much he’s changed. Anyway, day drinking turned into night drinking and we went to a lil party at his friends. We then decided we’d go back to his, so I slept over again. God the next morning I was honestly so hungover. I remember waking up thinking this is 100% not my bed but this is such a fucking comfy bed. His bed is king size and just the most stunning comfiest bed you could ever imagine. If you could sleep on a cloud, that’s what it would feel like. Anyway, so later on that day/afternoon I eventually got myself together, he dropped me home. Then from then he hasn’t left my side 🥰 we’ve literally been inseparable ever since. And we look back at that weekend as the weekend that really changed things for both of us. We caught the feelies and then was around eachother every single day! We literally wanted to be together all the time. I remember he was going to Amsterdam and his car broke and he worked in Wokingham I remember him saying ‘ I might have to stay at yours for 3 days if that’s okay’ I was like uh huh honey, you just wanna be at mine 🥰 when he went to Amsterdam we literally spoke every chance we got, I remember him saying his friends would moan that he’d be on the phone messaging me all the time! He got me a few naughty prezzie. A cheeseboard which he told me was a paddle so when he came back I was slightly terrified that he wanted to spank me with a huge fuck off plank of wood 😂 I put it in ‘the draw’ and didn’t mention it again. It was only recently it came out and he told me it genuinely was a cheeseboard!!!!!! I almost cried with laughter 😂 let’s just say we haven’t used it for cheese 😂

Our first year was honestly the bumpiest of years. When I think back, it actually makes me feel sad. We were so fragile as a couple, at times. We let outside situations affect us and ya know me. Hothead over here. I finally met my match when it came to arguing. Sometimes mid arguing id just stop and look at him and think ‘ is this MF ok 🤔’ he was lit giving back what I was giving him. Anyway you know what they say, the greater the argument the greater the make up sex 🤭 but anyway, we decided pretty early on we wanted a baby together. So i was swapping my pill and then we decided that I just wouldn’t take my new pill and then voila! There came Callie! We both didn’t expect it so soon, it was the first month of ‘trying’ we were expecting 6 months to fall which would have been pregnant. I’d like to say I had a stress free pregnancy but that wasn’t the case. For our first year together it was difficult. It genuinely took us a year to sort ourselves out and learn eachother and sort our priorities. I remember last October, it was honestly the worst our relationship had ever been. I was 3 months pregnant So I was super hormonal. We wernt getting along at all, constant bickering and people constantly interfering in our relationship and relentlessly trying to break us up. These people threw EVERYTHING they had but love always wins! 🥰 we had broken up in October and I didn’t really see how we’d get past it. It wasn’t until November time, we started getting back on track. We were on a night out and I remember him saying how much he loves me and he’s realised how much and he wants to make it work. From that point, it started to build up again. We went to Latvia for our christmassy baby moon and we honestly had the bestest time! I had booked it in September and October time we both just didn’t want to go so I cancelled it. However it didn’t cancel! And I realised a week before we went that it was still very much going ahead! But in the end it came at such a good time. We honestly had the most romantic time ever. Quality time we both really needed and we still talk about how amazing it was! Safe to say we were both head over heels again! However ofcourse outside influences had to try get their claws back in! Christmas time was a really bad time for us as I had found out some stuff he was saying behind my back. I fully know how much of a mistake it was and he still beats himself up about it now. We were completely different people back then and our relationship was SOOO different. I truly believe because we’ve overcome all of that, we can overcome anything. Sounds cliche but it truly did make us stronger! He got his act together and started working for me. He grafted SOOO much because he said I was the one and didn’t want to lose me. He fought so hard! It’s made us stronger because I know he’d never ever be so stupid again! Can safely put my life on that! I know our relationship is way too strong to ever be compromised again, he respects and loves me too much to ever put it in jeopardy again and he’s fully proven that! we chose each other and chose to be together and make it work and I’m so glad I took him back!

We started getting back on track and then Callie came and that just cemented everything, it’s made me love him even more. Seeing how much he loves and cares for our daughter, going through the c section with him by my side etc. Everything has fallen into place! Lockdown was the making of us too! We all bonded so much as a family and I’ve loved spending the last 6 months with him. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still need some space and so does he! That’s how we work best, few hours space from each other. Now he’s back at work, that gives us the space we need. We are a little family ❤️ oh and Nate loves him too so that’s a bonus! I love watching their bond grow every day too. He is the daddy Nate needed and deserves! There is no difference in the way he treats and loves Callie and Nate!

I look back at our first year and I do feel sadness. It really did test us to our limits but I’m glad we came out the other side, much stronger and genuinely a team! He is my best friend and soul mate. He is literally male version of me, which comes with challenges too. We’ve both changed each other for the better and have grown as people. His growth from when we first met is unbelievable! He is the best boyfriend and daddy. He is genuinely so caring and considerate of me. Only this morning he messaged me when he was at work saying thank you for what I do for him and the kids and how much he loves waking up to me and he can’t wait for our future! Our relationship is genuinely the best it’s ever been. It’s the little things he does for me every single day, morning cuddles and kisses on the forehead, me waking up to dishes being done, him coming home with flowers or my favourite choc! Checking my tyres for me, locking the front door when he leaves for work, I appreciate all these little things he does which shows how much he loves me. Numerous time I’ve come home to a spotless house, he’s tidied, came home to a date night steak! He will book date nights out, . We are soon moving away and it’s the fresh start we need and the house we need!!!! I can’t wait to make new memories. However he has said I’m not allowed a blush pink front door which I think is so fucking unfair but we’ve compromised on a sage green front door. ITS ALL ABOUT COMPROMISE!!!!!! If I could give any advice, if you’re going through a rough patch then space is key. It really does make you reflect and realise how much you do/don’t miss them! Space always works wonders for us, even if it’s just a night away from each other. It gives us time to calm down and then realise we were in the wrong etc. Then cue soppy jack texts 🥰😂

See, it’s not always smooth sailing! I didn’t write about any of this on my Instagram. But I’m glad I could share it with you all! Love always wins 🥰 and our love truly won!! There’s been times I wanted to give up and I did give up but I couldn’t walk away from him and I don’t think he would have let me 😂 i think it also helps that we fancy the fuck out of each other! We are exactlyyyy each other’s type! He says sometimes he finds himself just looking at my face and thinking how pretty I am which is just the cutest thing ever?! Also he is obsessed with my eyes, the shape and the green colour, he says he looks at them and thinks how nice they are. And I love that!!!! They say eyes are the window to the soul and the one part of you that doesn’t change or age, so if you love someone’s eyes then youll love them forever ❤️We just bounce off each other and have such fun and our humour and banter is so similar. I have found my man! It’s a special deep love we have. I’ve never felt before and he said neither has he! ❤️

Lots of love,

Daisy x

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