Lockdown 2.0 – my thoughts ✨

Sooooo….. lockdown 2.0! Everyone spoke about. Second wave however I still felt so unprepared. That conference knocked me off guard as Wokingham was still in medium tier restrictions so to go from being comfortable in that to then a national lockdown is like ehhhhh?!

So let’s take it back to the first lockdown. I feel very lucky that I didn’t struggle in lockdown, obviously it was a struggle entertaining Nate and keeping him occupied. He’s not a kid you can sit Infront of a tv for hours. He’d get bored and he loves being outside or doing something. He only watches tv first thing in morning and before bed. He genuinely much prefers playing with his toys , for this reason lockdown was difficult. However I did a huge the works order and bought lots of activities for him! He loved it. He has 2 tablets but I always forget to charge it so he only uses it if we go to a restaurant (GODSEND) so it was literally down to crafts and toys to keep him occupied. Within 2 weeks of first lockdown, I gave birth to Callie. I think this deffinitly helped me during lockdown because I was adjusting to having a newborn again and being a mum of two! So I probably wouldn’t have left the house much anyway when I first had Callie! It meant we could just live in our little family bubble guilt free! Jack stopped working during lockdown so he had the longest paternity leave ever! 6 months!!! It was so good to have him home full time and he really helped me so much. We moved into my mums house as it’s a huge 4 bed house and we live in a 2 bed maisonette (not for much longer yay!) we had to for Nates sake, he needed the space. It was good having the company, my mum and brother were working from home so were always around! It was nice having constant company and people to hand Callie too and to entertain Nate. We did our daily family walks and it was such a lovely bonding time! It kept us sane. I honestly loved our little bubble, I was soaking in all the newborn cuddles and love. I’d be up with Callie in the night then jack would get up with both kids in the morning so I could sleep for a few hours. I honestly can’t credit jack enough for what he did for us and helped me. I honestly don’t know how I would have got through without him! I think what made first lockdown ok too was the sunshine!!!! It was so so sunny a lot of the time and meant paddling pool days with Nate splashing around wernt too bad! The good weather made it easier whereas lockdown 2.0 is in the dark winter.

Lockdown 2.0 is going to be very different and that does worry me a little. Jacks gone back to work & we are staying at ours for it. Nate is going to preschool which I’m glad as it gives him structure and he can learn and be stimulated. But where does this leave me and Callie? I feel like this lockdown effects less people in terms of routine as they can still work and schools are still on etc. But what I do during the day is all completely shut down, shopping, coffees, lunch, children centres, softplays, going to family and friends. This is all not allowed and shut. So, I have to stay at home all day with Callie, not really sure how to entertain a 6 month old. She’s at an age where she wants to stimulate but she can’t crawl yet and explore. Baby groups are allowed to continue but they are all full. Children centres are closed which I used to go twice a week with Nate when he was little. I’m a person who hasssss to leave the house! My mental health suffers if I stay in! I’m always doing something with the kids and make sure they’re having fun. So this is really going to affect me this lockdown! I know we can meet one person outside and parks are open. But it is so so cold! I don’t want Callie outside for a long period of time! Weekends are going to be hard as thats now our family time but there isn’t anything open! We will feel very claustrophobic in our maisonette! This is what I’m really worried about. I know jack and Nate will be fine as they still have routine etc. But I worry for me and Callie. I just wish we could pop in to a family members or friends for a coffee. I just need to remember this is precious time whilst Callie is a baby and I’m not back working yet. Just need to appreciate the daily walks. I’ve put my Christmas tree up as we need some jolly ness!

Does anyone else feel the same? I’d love to hear

Lots of love ,

Daisy Jane x

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