Holiday with a toddler & infant

So! This has been a very much requested blog post! I’ve had stacks of messages whilst I was away with lots of questions! So thought I’d write this blog post to answer them all in one place! When I was away, I never stated where we were in Turkey, or the resort name. This was just to protect my children as I have 10k followers and I do monitor my followers but you never know, one could have slipped through the net.

The basics!
We booked it 6 days before via the Tui website on last minute deals. We stayed at Tui Blue Ephesus, formerly known as Tui Family Life. We went for 1 week – all inclusive. We paid just under £1000 for 4 of us, it was something like £960. We got a deal where a kid goes free! Callie was free anyway, so it meant Nate was free too! So technically £470ish each! Which is not bad at all- that’s all inclusive, flights etc.

The hotel

So the hotel was absolutely stunning! It was just so unreal for kids, that was the main emphasis of the hotel, it’s a Tui blue family one! In our hotel, there was a big deep pool, then next door there’s a kid pool which came up to Nates knees. Then there’s a little beach shallow pool and then also 3 slides with a pool! Then on the pools there was a snack bar & where the main stage is. The snack bar served lunch from 12.30-4.30, we went there everyday. They also had a salad bar & a waffle bar! Nate was in his element. Also a ice cream station! Nate in the end went up on his own ‘ chocolate please’ then a 5 mins walk away is another pool which had a more ‘adult’ feel as it had a swim up pool bar. Then next door there’s a HUGE water park which you get free entry into! It was the Aqua water park! It was so good, they had a kids pool which had a huge pirate ship with 6 slides off it! Then also about 5 more kid slides going into the pool! It was absolutely unreal for kids! In the hotel there’s a main restaurant which is your classic all inclusive buffet style. We felt extremely safe, due to Covid you didn’t dish up your own food, they take your temp on every entry into the restaurant, cleaned all the time and knives and forks given in little bags. There’s also shops in the hotel where you could buy snacks! There are also various restaurants which you need to book into. It feels so weird going to a restaurant, yet not having a bill at the end! There was a Turkish restaurant and an Italian restaurant which we went to! They cook pizzas in a proper stone oven, so yummy! The food was just unreal! Everything you could want! Soooo much for Nate too! We tried to keep him healthy, there’s also a kids buffet and little tables but he sat with us! There was so much entertainment, during the day. There’s kids clubs for smaller kids 3-5s and also 5+. There’s also a baby club which offer baby classes during the day! However due to Covid, you couldn’t leave baby in for a session! Also there is a baby lounge which has microwaves, sofas etc. It really was unreal for kids! Then in the evening, 8pm they put on 1 episode of paw patrol on the big screen in the outside arena. They then do the kids show which was captain t and the super dogs or toonstars etc which Nate LOVED! Then it went into download which is kids challenges etc! Then at 10pm had a dancing/singing show which is more aimed at adults. The show went on until about 11. After this, people went down to the sunset beach bar. Oh! The hotel also has its own private beach, literally 1 minute from the pool. Huge stunning beach! With a beach bar & pedalos etc which are free to use. The bar in the hotel in the Italian restaurant is 24/7!! I may have stayed there with some pals I made until 4am one night! It was just such an amazing all rounder hotel! I 100% recommend. We are already looking to book for next year! Also they have mini golf, a park, volleyball – all free to use!

also – baby facilities. So we took mam bottles as they’re self sterilising! However the hotel were soooo good! They provided us a steriliser & bottle warmer and baby bath! They also gave us fairy liquid to wash our bottles! Big help! And something I was so worried about.


A lot of questions I’ve been asked is about the travelling! So we went to Gatwick which is an hour away so not too bad! Kids were calm. We paid for a service where you call people and they meet you in the carpark and take your car and then when you’re coming back when you’re in luggage , you call them and they bring your car to you! SO easy, NO faff!! Deffinitly recommend. The flight there was 3 hours 20 mins and our flight was around 7pm so the kids were tired! Nate was all excited though so he did some colouring. I couldn’t remember the password to his amazon fire tablet!! So he didn’t touch the tablet the whole time and flights! He rarely uses it anyway! He just did colouring and speaking to us and then he slept for 30 mins at the end! We decided to take a SilverCross cheap push chair and baby carrier. I didn’t take my babyzen yo-yo which is my main pushchair I used for Nate and which I’ll use for Callie. When I went to Egypt, they took it off me and put it in the hold! I didn’t get it back until luggage so it was a nightmare! So I thought I’d take a cheap one as it’s getting bashed around in luggage anyway. HOWEVER!!! This time around, Tui took the pushchair in the little tunnel thing literally just before we got on the actual plane which was amazing, and then when we got to Turkey they put it in the same place which was UNREAL!! As it was late, I ended up putting Nate in the pushchair and Callie in the baby carrier. However on the way back, agajn we left the pushchair in the tunnel however we didn’t get it back until luggage! Which is such a nightmare. So I 100000% recommend taking a baby carrier also! It would have been a nightmare carrying Callie off the plane then all through passport control and waiting for luggage etc so I’m definitely glad I had the baby carrier. Even though on the way out we had the pushchair given back straight away, we didn’t when we came back to England so it isn’t worth the risk. Take a baby carrier!!!! Our transfer to the hotel was soooooo long! Around 1.45 hours! It was just us on our transfer as everyone flying into Bodrum normally goes to resorts around that area however we went to Kusadasi! Everyone at our hotel flew into a much closer airport, so we had a little mini coach! I have no idea why our deal flew into bodrum instead of the closer one. I would 100% recommend checking transfer times! On the way back, we left in the evening, it wasn’t much of a problem but I would deffinitly have preferred a shorter transfer! We had an evening flight on the way back too and both kids slept the entire way! The flight was 3.45 hours on the way back!! I deffinitly like having a night flight as the kids just sleep!


-We bought our own flamingo baby float for Callie. However FLAMINGOGATE , some couple thought we had STOLEN it from them! So they sent a rep over to ask… we ended up having to go over to the couple and show them our proof of purchase. People genuinely get irate over floats. Imagine getting so mad over a flamingo float 😂 but anyway, In the shops there wasn’t really baby floats so 100% take your own! We ordered ours £12 from amazon, it arrived super small.

-A family gave us a mini baby paddling pool which was actually so useful for Callie, if you have a baby I’d deffinitly recommend taking one!

-Baby carrier! Absolutely necessity

  • Baby fan! This was so useful for Callie, I got from amazon for like £13 and it clips onto her buggy, it charges via USB too!
  • toys for the pool! Gives them something to do, just bath toys etc.
  • I took 1 big bottle of ready made formula which was a huge help when we first got there whilst we were finding our bearings and the hotel gave us a steriliser etc!
  • we found this pack of formula which was two big bags but without the tub! It was £11 and Two 600g bags (1 tub is £8 and 800g) and it was the perfect amount! Deffinitly recommend! Much lighter than taking tubs too. I’ll attach a link-

What I’d do differently

  • Take more notice at transfer times
  • take snacks for the plane
  • make sure the tablet works 😂

I will be uploading a IGTV of Turkey in the next few days so keep an eye out for that! I’ve tried to film as much of the resort & entertainment as possible!

lots of love

daisy x

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