Our staycation in Brighton

So going abroad this summer was out the question as we have a baby fresh out the womb and with corona! We wanted a staycation but didn’t book anything as the Rona was ruining everyone’s lives! but with restrictions easing and Boris encouraging staycations then we thought we’d start looking!

I was gifted a flight on the BA i360 to celebrate their 4th birthday! So our plan was to go to Brighton for a day out then go to Bournemouth for a few days. However we then thought it makes sense to do a few days in Brighton instead! I’ve only been once before years and years ago and I’ve always heard good things! So I thought I’d write about our trip- what we did, where we stayed & ate and drank etc. We didn’t really have time to google things so we kinda winged it but had such an amazing time!!! So if you’re thinking of a staycation, I 100% recommend Brighton!

Where we stayed- Queens hotel. So for us, having a pool was a necessity as it’s something for the kids to do and we wanted to take Callie for her first ever swim! So it massively narrowed down the search but we found one with availability. (We only booked it a few days before we went) it was £311 for two nights which I get is quite pricey, if we booked well in advance it would have been less. If we didn’t want a pool then we would have been able to find a cheaper hotel but for us it was a necessity. Overall, we were so pleased with the hotel! It was in the most amazing location, on the seafront & a 5 minute from Brighton pier. It was also a 8 minute walk to the BA i360. It felt like we were in the middle of everything as a walk into the town & lanes was only 5 minutes too. The swimming pool was quite basic but nice! They did time slots and split the pool up so you stay in your section, this did make it feel safer and you just book online your slot. The hotel also had a nice bar downstairs. The room was absolutely huge! We got a family room which consisted of a huge queen bed and also two singles. We pushed one of the singles into the double as I had a feeling we’d have bed intruders! We also requested a cot, so they had put up a travel cot for Callie too! The room was so so spacious and it had a shower and bath. The only con was there were stairs in the corridor which was a bit of a nightmare with the pushchair! But they let us leave the pushchair downstairs during the day so that helped. There was also lifts too but the stairs in the corridors couldn’t be avoided. Another con of the hotel was that there isn’t a carpark! We had to buy a parking space in the Hilton hotel which was expensive. It also made it difficult as we had to unload the car and kids and then jack had to go park the car! They’re my only cons of the hotel though!

What we did- well we were literally always busy! There was always something to do. The first day we went for a swim, went on i360, went shopping, went to the beach, went down the pier, went to sea life!

The BA i360 had their 4th birthday so we were invited to come for a flight! It was such a lovely experience and really did feel like a flight! You check in, then go through security and there’s even a ‘boarding bar’ where we were also gifted some champers! On the decking – the views of Brighton beach were absolutely stunning. You felt super safe too as they Thurily cleaned it after every flight. You are welcomed by a woman who is dressed as a flight attendant too! They have seating areas which are plane seats! You then go up super slow & there is also a bar on board too. The views are amazing and really are the best in Brighton. One side you’re looking at the beach and the other you’re looking at all the buildings in Brighton! It really was an amazing experience. I 100% recommend! .. * gifted experience by BA i360 but no obligation to post my review.

Brighton pier is so much fun!!!! There is soooo much to do. We were so so so lucky with the weather as every day was hot sunshine! It really did feel like we were abroad! Jack went on the scary ride at the end of the pier. Absolute no chance me going on it! But we all watched him. We would take a leisurely stroll, there’s so much to do and watch when you’re down there. Nate absolutely loved it! They have a one way system to comply with covid 19 guidelines. I really liked the beach as I HATE sand and it is a pebble beach! I just hate the feeling of sand on my skin and being Sandy. It felt like Spain!

The high street we thought was really good! We popped in a few shops and jack got new shorts & a shirt etc. I also bought Callie a little outfit with leggings as the evenings got much cooler and I only had packed her dresses & cardigans!

So we got there and noticed a sea life right next to the pier & our hotel. I didn’t even know they had one! So we decided to book the day before and we got a pre book discount which was amazing! We paid just under £40 for the 4 of us. Nate went in free as under 3’s do. We went straight in & honestly I can’t even describe how much nate was in his element! I’ve never seen him so excited!!!! He was running tank to tank shouting FISH FISH MUMMY FISH LOOK! It was so lovel for me and jack to show him around and him so excited! He got to see nemo dory, star fish & sharks! He ran up to the sharks saying MUMMY DADDY BABY SHARK!!!!!! It was such a lovely experience and was 100% worth the money. I would deffinitly take him again as he loved it so much!

What we ate- you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to food there! There’s restaurants everywhere. The first evening we went to Honest Burger. Luckily we went on a Tuesday and it was eat out to help out! Which made it very reasonably priced and the burger was delishhhhh! They also make a mini burger for kids. I deffinitly recommend! The second night was a struggle. It was the Wednesday of eat out to help out, it was HEAVING! We stupidly didn’t book anywhere as we thought we’d just stroll about and find somewhere. Mistake! It really did feel like being abroad, everyone was in summer clothes walking around, sitting outside in restaurants etc. We couldn’t get in anywhere! It got to 7.30 and we started panicking. Pubs stopped letting kids in so we were kinda stuffed. We were walking down the seafront and walked past buddy’s which is a seafront cafe/bar. We saw kids in there and it was empty! We got seated straight away and the food was ok! I would say it’s more of a lunch place though. But we asked Nate what he wanted for dinner and he said beans all day! So he got sausages, chips & beans so he was happy. I would recommend googling places and booking! Especially on the help out to eat out nights. We didn’t have breakfasts at the hotel. I know.. £311 which doesn’t include breakfast 😂 the first morning we located a Wetherspoons, three fry ups & refillable coffees cost £9.50!! We couldn’t believe it. Thanks Boris!!!!! We went about 9am and we got seated straight away however when we left, there was a queue. The second morning we wanted to go to ‘the breakfast club’ it looked yum! We turned up and had to wait 30 mins for a table. So we went and got a coffee elsewhere whilst we waited. We got American pancakes, the full works! Pancakes, maple syrup, bacon sausages etc! It was good but I think a little overpriced. I probably wouldn’t go again. We found a little gem who served up a Delish coffee, and there was a cute dog who jack sat on a sofa with! It was called munchies craft and it was so quirky! We didn’t really eat lunch as we were so full from breakfast, obviously Nate ate but he’d have a sandwich or something. We obviouslyyyy got doghnuts on the pier which absolutely do recommend! Nate also ate so much ice cream! It’s holiday ey!!!

Overall, I recommend Brighton! We absolutely loved it. We are 100% going to go back!!! Sooooo much to do and so amazing for kids!!! Such a holiday vibe! If you’re planning a staycation then head to Brighton!

Lots of love

Daisy Jane x

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