My 5 year goals ✨

So I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve literally just been super busy!!!! But I wanted to come on and write about the future.

I find it so important to manifest. I did this a year ago and wrote out all my goals for the next year, slowly but surely been ticking them off! So my goals for the next 5 years…

Family- so my main goal for my little family is to be happy and healthy. That is honestly the main thing I care about. My kids deserve the best and that’s what they will get!

Houses – we have started putting money away saving to buy a house. But we don’t want to do it half assed, we want to buy our forever home. It’s going to take a few years to be able to save for the kind of house we want. We 100% will not be buying in Berkshire. We’ve already decided we are moving away. Ideally we want to move really soon so the wheels have been set in motion for that. But 100% will not be buying in Berkshire. We are so excited to move away!!!!! Fresh start for us!

Career – when Callie is two, I want to go back into work. I have recently been presented with opportunities to make money on Instagram and my blog but I want to pursue a career in buying. I studied fashion buying & range planning at the fashion retail academy in London. This is my passion, I love the buying process & cycle. I don’t think fashion buying is realistic for me anymore as all the head offices are in central London and I want to be home to put my babies to bed! So, I’m thinking being a buyer but for something else. I really do love it and the money is DEECE!!!! 🤑 I’ve absolutely loved having my babies but I also love working and having a career. Both things are so rewarding and I can’t wait to be doing both together. But for now, I’ll keep working on my blog, I do really love writing and I’ve met amazing friends on Instagram.

Self growth and my mental health – I find social media can be so toxic. This is why I deleted Facebook and I won’t be returning to it. I’ve gone back into Instagram because why should I not do a hobby I enjoy? I want to keep growing as a person. I think in order to do this, I need to have a look at my life and realise what’s bringing me negativity and what’s bringing me positivity. I just want to focus on my little family and being the best mum and girlfriend I can possibly be. I find myself getting stressed over things that just are SOOO irrelevant to our life. Time to cut that out. Jack always says this to me, we need to focus on the good in our life and cut out the negative.

Babies? I get asked this all the time. Are we going to have another? And the answer is yes. But it’s a matter of when. I’d like to wait until we have a house and married (🥰👰🏻) but you never know. We both change our mind all the time so I can not confirm a when 😂

So I think I’ve covered main topics! In 5 years I’ll be 30! Scary! But by then I’m positive I’ll be where I want to be in life 💗 good things are coming our way 🙊 we have a good life 💗💗 when I think back to 5 years ago- I was 20. I was in Fashion retail academy and ngl I probably thought I’d be on my way to being a buyer and hitting thats 40-50k (obviously I know you have to work your way up but I thought I’d be closer than what I am now 😂 ) how life can change ey! But I have two beautiful children, a loving boyfriend who adores me & a lovely home. It may not be our forever home but it is home for now. I think I’m doing well for 25. Considering what I have been through and pulled myself out of and turned my life around. I’ve created a nice life for myself and my babies. Now the next 5 years are all about self growth & my career! And obviously raising my beautiful minis.

Lots of love,

Daisy x

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