Baby Bjorn baby carrier mini

So this blog post has been asked for so much! Everyone wants to hear my views… when I write a review I like to acyuallty properly test out the product and not just try it once and make my mind up. So it’s been 8 weeks so I’m ready to review this! I will disclose that this was gifted from Baby Bjorn however there was no obligation to do a blog post so this is my honest views. … We were in such a dilemma in this pregnancy as to what to do about a double buggy. Nates at an age at 2.5 where he walks mainly everywhere but he can get tired and he still naps. We decided to use the SilverCross travel system with a buggy board & then babywear Callie and Nate can go in the babyzen yo-yo or walk.

We went to try on baby carriers and the Baby Bjorn Mini stood out to us. It was very different to anything we’d seen before- it was smaller and looked way more snug and comfy for baby. It is very aesthetically pleasing too as sometimes baby carriers can be unattractive, it’s very slick and trendy! We tried it on & even Jack said he’d babywear using it!

We have now been using it for 8 weeks and we are obsessed! We use it almost everyday, it is just so easy. Most importantly- Callie loves it!!!! She settles straight away in it as she’s close to me or Jack! It means our daily walks have been stress free as Nate walks and then Callie is in the carrier! No buggy!!!!!! 👏🏻 it has just SO easy to just chuck on and go! No hassle of getting buggies out.

It is so easy to use & get on and off. I can put it on myself without any help and I can get Callie in it by myself. They’ve reallt simplified how to do it – you literally match blue to blue and red to red and then one clip! I’ve taken these pictures to show- it really is no hassle. You basically put it on like a backpack and you leave one side all clipped in and then clip in the other side once you have it on and baby in place …. With Nate I got a baby wrap which was essentially just material and I found it SO hard to get on! I remember watching YouTube tutorials like EH?! I soon gave up and didn’t even use it once. But with this one, you can get it on and baby in around 30 seconds.

I deffinitly recommend the Baby Bjorn baby carrier mini. It retails at £80 and it lasts until baby is one. We chose this one as we deffinitly won’t baby wear after she is one. We wanted one for when she is small so this is literally perfect for us. You can also get loads of other colours from the Baby Bjorn website, I very very almost convinced Nate for the blush pink but in the end we decided on Charcoal Grey. If I wasn’t having another baby in a few years then I would have overrided Jack and chose pink. It is so so easy to use and put on yourself and it looks so slick and on trend! It’s a big big thumbs Up from us!

Lots of love,

Daisy x

Baby Bjorn baby carrier was gifted* but no obligation to post. These are all my HONEST opinions and review.

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