Callie’s 2 month update 💗

Wow 2 months! When they say try enjoy everything moment as it goes so quick, they were sooooo right! It seems to be going so much quicker than it did with Nate! So Callie turned 2 months on 9th June. Her daddy’s birthday 💗 I didn’t do a 1 month update as a mum of 2, my life was just way too hectic. But I’m currently up watching super wings with Nate whilst Callie and daddy are still asleep so I have a spare few minutes. This blog post will cover the whole 2 months!

So first of all- newborn stage. We all know how hard the newborn stage is, but it is so short so you really do have to try enjoy every moment. Newborn girls are HARD work! Nate was so zen and Callie is the total opposite. I think she has started to get a little more chill in the last 2 weeks so from about 6 weeks. But she likes to be held, every second of the day. Which is lovely and I’m enjoying it but it’s hard as the house as suffered and I miss out on things with Nate. She had really bad colic to begin with..

So we started giving her infacol which is a godsend, it definitely helped! I’m combination feeding so I’m breastfeeding and she’s have about 2-3 bottles of formula a day. She was on cow & gate formula but 2 weeks ago we changed her to cow & Gate comfort which is for colic and constipation and OMG! It’s like magic. It has definitely worked amazing for her. She would usually be extra fussy & crying between 8-11pm but this has completely stopped! She settles amazingly in the evening now. I will mainly breastfeed during the day but she has a bottle about 11am, then 1 if we are out and then in the evening she clusters feeds. So I give her boob and when I feel abit empty we top her up with formula. Between 6-10pm she usually has about 1 & half bottles and these bottles are 5oz each! The health visitor came last week and she’s 91st percentile and 12lbs! I was worried because on the formula it says she should be getting 5 bottles of 6oz but she has 2-3 bottles of 5oz and then boob milk. So I was worried she wasn’t getting enough but I think her steady weight gain has spoken for itself! This is what works for us, and it’s all about what works for you and getting to know your baby. I am still absolutely loving breastfeeding! She loves it too. At about 9.30pm I take her into my bed and we breastfeed until she falls asleep- it really is a major comfort for her and I don’t mind at the moment as she is so little. She will wake for breast milk once in the night.

She is actually an amazing sleeper! She only ever really woke twice from the start. But now she is going down about 10pm on the boob. I move her to her snuzpod and then she will wake between 4-5am. This is currently anyway, for the past few nights she’s been waking at 5.30am so going for 7/8 hour stretches! She will then go on my boob for about 5/10 minutes and then fall asleep right next to me and we then co sleep. She will then sleep in until about 9/10am!!!!!! She loves a lay in! However, she won’t settle in her snuzpod. She wants to be next to me. And I know they say you need to get her used to their bed etc but she’s still so small, it would be cruel to make her learn self settle at this stage. I think back to Nate and he used to fall asleep on the bottle on me, I’d love him to his crib then he’d wake once in the night for a bottle then sleep in my bed. Exactly the same. He slept the whole night from 10 weeks and he soon learnt to self settle in his snuzpod. I didn’t really have to do anything. I put on lullaby music and lights shining on the ceiling and he loved it! So I think back to that and I’m confident Callie will be the same, what’s the point in stressing about it now?! I’m just enjoying every moment and enjoying being so close to her! Before we know it, she’ll be in a big girls cot in the room with Nate so I’m really trying to savour each moment. She is really awake during the day, however sometimes she’ll go to sleep for 4 hours as sometimes she will have short cat naps during the day. Her best sleep is at night. When we had Callie we moved into my mums as it was in lockdown and Nate needed a garden and support. I would wake with Callie in the night and then Jack would get up with both kids when Nate woke about 7/8 and take them downstairs. I’d catch up on sleep and get up about 9/10am. It was a good little routine but now I’ve moved back home and she’s only waking once for a short time, I don’t feel sleep deprived at all so either me or jack will sort Nate in the morning. Callie sleeps in until 9am so it’s mainly jack getting up with Nate then I’ll on/off breastfeed Callie in bed in the morning until about 10. I’m looking forward for her to get into 7-7 routine Nates in as me and jack will get our evenings back together as we do have a little third wheel at the moment. We do tend to watch a film in bed after she goes down though.

I don’t feel totally sleep deprived which is amazing. Lockdown dare I say it, hasn’t been totally bad for us. Jacks been at home so it’s been a MAJOR help as I adjust to life at home with two kids. I’ve said before but I’ve found the adjustment 0-1 harder than 2-3. It’s sharing my time with them and it’s difficult when they’re both crying. She definitely has slotted right into our family and I couldn’t imagine life without her. You have so many worries when you’re pregnant, you love your first child so so so much and worry you won’t have enough love to give your second. But they do come with their own love and you really do have enough love to give. Nates my first born and made me a mum but Callie is mine and jacks first lovechild together. I love them both so so so much and In different ways too.

Callie did her first smile at 5 weeks! We were laying in bed in the morning, I was speaking to her and she was looking at me. She then started cracking the biggest smile, and you’ll know it when you see it! One half of their face goes up first 😂 I shouted for Jack! Then a day later, he got a smile too. Now she seems to give jack more smiles than me!! Proper daddies girl. He will sit and talk to her and she starts cooing and they have little chats. Now at 8 weeks, she is still selective with her smiles but she’s given them much more!!!! She really has such a beautiful smile too! However all jack has to do is look at her and she goes all gooey and smiley! Callie is also trying to move already! She was sitting on the sofa with Jack and she literally wriggled over to him! I couldn’t believe it.

She had her 8 week immunisations today; she cried so much!! She’s fast asleep and I’m waiting for it to get in her system and the temp to start 😭 the first night after jabs is always rough!!!!! Check out my Instagram stories to see how we go- @daisyjanecarberry

Lots of love,

Daisy x

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