Gift guide for him

So, Father’s Day is coming up and if you’re like me you get a feeling of dread 😂 what the hell do men want?! Other than dinner cooked, their clothes washed and a morning……. 😂

So I’m really lucky because jacks birthday and Father’s Day is the same month 🥴🥴🥴 so here are a few ideas I’ve come up with!

I’ll start off with saying what I’ve got for him this year. Jacks birthday is 9th June, less than 2 weeks before Father’s Day! I asked jack what he wanted and he first of all said weights, then changed his mind and said an Xbox headset & then changed his mind again and said he doesn’t know… thanks hun! So I ended up buying him new trainers as he needs some & clothes. Not the most exciting gifts but what man couldn’t do with new t shirts! Last year I bought him shirts and t shirts too. So I bought him khaki green Adidas trainers and t shirts & a pair of jersey shirts from boohooMAN. I also got a t shirt from new look man. So that’s him sorted! We then went shopping in Matalan and he wanted some more t shirts & sliders so I got them for him and said that’s his Father’s Day present! Easy done sorted.

Who doesn’t love a personalised card?! I absolutely love them and get them all the time. So I mix it up- sometimes go to moonpig and sometimes funky pigeon. I also got one from FreePrints card where you can 1 free card a month. I definitely recommend doing this, I also got Jack from Callie a photobook. I got it from free Photobooks, you get one free photobook a month and just have to pay delivery! I added extra pages thought so it worked out about £12 but that’s with about 30 pages! I got Jack a card and photobook just from Callie, however in future I’ll get presents and a card from the kids together, it’s just his first Father’s Day as Callies daddy so I wanted to make it special! I got a unicorn card as she is our little unicorn being born on national unicorn day 🦄

I got Callie personalised vests to wear for Jacks birthday & Father’s Day. Again, I just wanted to make it special and I’m a big fan of babies firsts! I got them from eBay. I literally buy so much from eBay, if I see something I like on Etsy or notonthehighstreet then I go to eBay and find a much cheaper version. Personalised vests on Etsy are £15 whereas on eBay I paid £6 and they’re just as nice. I definitely recommend going to eBay! And postage is always so quick and most of the time- free!

So this was an accidental purchase. I was just scrolling on wowcher and saw ‘dad & me’ matching bracelets, I clicked on it, didn’t think anything of it. Then in my emails apparently I had purchased it?! I couldn’t be bothered to query it as it’s probably such a long procedure witg wowcher. It was only £9 so I was like meh ok then 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve decided to give it to my dad for Father’s Day for him and Nate as they have such a close bond! They are actually really cute bracelets. They are £32 on their website but I got a wowcher deal so only paid £9. I already got Jack a bracelet last year which he wears everyday so decided to give it to my dad.

Last year.. I got him clothes for Father’s Day, the kids wrote his cards and then we spent the day as a family strawberry picking, it was perfect 💗 for our birthdays we both got eachother a night away somewhere, so for him we went to Southampton for a night, we went to an amazing restaurant on the harbour. I also got him a really nice Tommy Hilfiger watch. He got me a night away in London & then he got me a diamond promise ring. for Christmas we did Christmas Eve boxes. I got him sex games which I got from lovehoney. I also got him a personalised bracelet – again, I saw it on notonthehighstreet and found it half the price – SAME company on eBay!!!! Cheeky buggers! He wears it every day, I put our anniversary date then the kids initials on it. I will post the link! There are so many occasions, for Valentine’s Day we went out to The Herd for dinner – the most amazing steak I’ve ever had. This is where we are going for dinner to celebrate our birthdays when lockdown is over, I really recommend, it is so romantic in there and they cook the steak Infront of you. We also had our first anniversary, which he got me flowers and a card etc. For Valentines, I believe it should be kept simple- I’m happy with a good steak & flowers! Same with anniversaries, I don’t believe you should go overboard for these. It’s crazy though in a year you have- Christmas, birthday, anniversary, valentines & fathers/Mother’s Day!! Oh also, my mum has got him a decent Xbox headset which he wanted!

Another idea – I got my mum a personalised family picture of drinks! Love this idea & gift. It was from Etsy (couldn’t find it on eBay 😂) and was £19.95

So these are gifts I’ve got previously and what I’ve got for this year. However I’m going to post more ideas-

1. A gift experience, so you know the virgin gift experiences like hot air balloon or driving a Ferrari etc. Or even a restaurant or afternoon tea. You can pick these up from wowcher or groupon.

2. Personalised gifts. I love personalised stuff! So notonthehighstreet & Etsy have loads. You can get personalised whisky glasses etc.

3. Voucher from a shop, bit boring but if you get really stuck and don’t want to get it wrong!

4. I’m not really a materialistic person when it comes to gifts – so I think a night away is such a lovely gift. A romantic night just you two, a new city and a few bevs! Or even a few days away somewhere! We went on a babymoon to Latvia in December and it was honestly one of best trips I’ve had.

5. Kids making him something. Can’t really go wrong with this and the end results are super cute!

6. Clothes & shoes. Because who doesn’t love new clothes and shoes ?!

7. Alcohol. Gin or beer. Also a good present, I got my dad a few years ago and if you’re local. A gift experience – a tour around Bombay sapphire gin distillery! There’s loads of activities on the way done and you get a nice G&T at the end. It is near Basingstoke. Me and jack have also done wine tasting and this was SOOO fun, we got pretty drunk on the way round and it was in a group which was fun!

8. Weights

9. Something to do with a games console. Games etc

10. Sex toys/ lingerie/ games.

So I hope I’ve helped! I think I’m a good gift giver! Obviously I’ve got balloons etc to make his birthday special! If this guide does help you then I’d love you to dm me! Keeps me motivated 😂 and it’s always nice hearing how I’ve helped.

Lots of love,

Daisy x

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