My birth story – happy due date Callie

So as it’s April 16th and we’ve already had 1 week of Callie, I thought I’d share her birth story. Theres not much to it but every story is special 💗

Without going too much into the hospital stay as I want to write about having a baby during Covid-19 in a separate post. We were booked in for a planned c section on Thursday 9th April 2020 bang on 39 weeks. We went into hospital at 7.30am – had a room to ourselves to wait, we were second to go down to theatre so we went down at about 10.40am. First of all, you see the anaesthetist who had a spot of bother finding the right point in my back for the spinal. I ended up getting a few painful jabs a few times. When that was finished, I had to lay down and they prep you for the surgery. I could see my entire body in the reflection of the light on top so I had to try not look! Jack was far too into it and stood to watch me get sliced open! He had to be told to sit 😂 it took about 20 minutes – quite a bit longer than it did with Nate. But they had to get through scar tissue too. They told us she was a bit stuck but she had a lot of hair. So a lot of tugging and pulling later she entered the world at 11.46am!

She cried literally straight away whereas I had to wait to hear Nates cry. I had a glance and said to jack omg she’s massive and laughed 😂 she got whisked away to be cleaned up and jack went and cut the cord. They also observed that she has a set of lungs on her 😂 which she absolutely does. Most newborns have a little soft meow newborn cry but Callie properly goes for it. She was put on me skin to skin and then Jack had cuddles too. She was all healthy so we went to recovery room where she breast fed for about 40 minutes. Jack had to leave after when I went to the postnatal ward. However when we were in there he put a present on the bed, he got me and Callie matching bracelets 💗 so thoughtful and the most perfect moment. We were kept in overnight as I had a c section and that’s routine then discharged midday the next day! She passed all the health tests etc. I’m so so so glad and thankful she was all healthy 💗 my recovery has been a little different – with Nate the Peak of my pain was on the 1st night and I had to have morphine. Whereas, this time it was the second night when I was at home so it wasn’t great not having access to strong painkillers or the midwives. However with both I’ve recovered straight after the peak so after 1 or 2 days. Obviously I’m not fully recovered but it’s when I’ve felt human again and walking around etc. We have lots of hospital pics but I want to keep some of them personal.

Callie, we love you so so so much, more than you’ll ever know 💗 so lucky to also have had this extra week of you.

Love from mummy x

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