Deciding if and what Double buggy….

So this is something we’ve gone back and forth with the whole pregnancy! Well I have… jacks just goes with what I say 😂 Actually he said from the start that we don’t need a double because Nate will be 2 & half when baby girl is here and I’ve dismissed his male savage input. All I could think was awwww but what if my baby gets tired 😢 Nate is a really good Walker and most the time doesn’t sit in his buggy. So a little background on our buggies first Nate…

I started off buy a brand new Silver Cross Wayfarer special edition in expedition colour travel system. So the pushchair, carrycot & car seat. OBSESSED. Love silver cross, it’s amazing! I also bought a Bugaboo Cameleon 3 from Lucy Jessica Carter’s, I never used the carrycot part as I didn’t like it and just used the pushchair part as I liked the big wheels for all terrain. I mainly used the SilverCross but used the Bugaboo for walks etc. I soon got fed up of a travel system and it having two bits, so when Nate grew out the infant baby seat, I opted for a stroller. I went with a SilverCross pop and I loved it! This was until I discovered the Babyzen yo-yo and ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I USE IT EVERYDAY!!!!!!! Honestly recommend the yo-yo so much, it’s quite expensive and think I spent over £300 but so worth it. It folds so so small, much better than an umbrella fold and it’s so so so smooth to push. I love the look of it too. My mum has a mybabiie stroller and a mamas & papas stroller too which folds like the yo-yo. So we are pretty much experts on strollers 🤪

Anyway, so the double buggy. I started doing some research and decided I didn’t want to spend too much. I found the Joie tandem and decided to buy that on Black Friday so it worked out as £200. However people started messaging me on Instagram to say the toddler seat was small and it was heavy to push and steer etc so I got worried. I got it out the box and the front seat was just way too small for Nate and he hated it. I love the look of it but, it just was too small for Nate and this was back in December and he still had 4 months to grow before babygirl was here. I decided to send it back and keep looking.

So the hunt continued! I ended up booking a mamas & papas personal shop and in my head I wanted to buy the Armadillo double. It was a next to eachother stroller but had good reviews! It was about £300. I ended up coming out with a Rocker/bouncer and a Nuna Demi Grow double. £1000 lighter 😂 she ended up convincing me that the Nuna was best choice. It was a travel system and was on offer for like £850 with the carrycot, pushchair seat & car seat too. It was a great offer and she was a great saleswoman. She sold it by saying that it was a really good buggy even as single. If Nate outgrew it then baby will still have a good single buggy. I absolutely love the tandem style and the baby would go in the carrycot at bottom with Nate at the top facing the world. I liked this combination! I don’t have any examples of this combination but there’s loads online. I called Jack and got the green light! So I ordered it and paid a deposit. Then a month later I started thinking about it …. £850 is a lot of money to spend when Nate is 2 and half and I can’t guarantee how much he’ll want to sit in a pram instead of walking. Also, the most time they’ll both be in it together was 6 months. Babygirl in the carrycot for 6 months & then she’d have to move to a toddler seat which I’d have to buy another which was over £200. Nate would be three at this point and again, I couldn’t guarantee how long he’d want to sit down. He’d probably need it for long days out and holidays , but would I want to take an expensive pram on holiday to be bashed around on a plane? I’d want a cheap double stroller surely?! I just couldn’t make my mind up as I loved it. Then I would think, well the baby would just use it as a single after the 6 months…. but again, I already have a perfectly good condition travel system and I probably would want to get her into the babyzen yo-yo as I love it so much….. so I cancelled the order. Well I kept the joie rocker/bouncer. I do love the Nuna however I would have opted for it if I had twins or a much smaller age gap – a year or so to get the proper use out of it. Or it would have been good to get with first baby and then have the option when you had another baby for it to be changed into a double.

So… back to square one again! Started getting fed up. So this is when I went to Smyths to get a new toy story toy for Nate and saw the Joie side by side. I tried Nate in it and there was plenty of space in it and looked so comfy. It was so so nice to push too and was smooth! I was so impressed for the price! And it looks nice. So I kept this in mind. I haven’t bought it but will keep an eye as it sometimes goes into sale and I’m not in a rush. It’s an umbrella fold and thought it would be perfect for holidays too.

So… still not double buggy!!!! This is when I had an apithany. Realistically how much will I actually use a double …. Monday’s we spend with my mum, so could use SilverCross carrycot & babyzen yo-yo or Nate can walk as we don’t tend to do cross country, tend to do activities/ soft play etc. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Nate is at nursery in the morning, this is when I would take babygirl out in SilverCross carrycot and get bits done – shopping etc stuff I don’t really want to be doing with a demanding toddler. Then after nursery we tend to chill or go to the park. Then Fridays I have them both- we go to toddler songtime in the morning then tend to do a play date in the afternoon. I wouldn’t need a double then either. Then at weekends Jack isn’t at work so he’s there to help and if needed- can take SilverCross and the yo-yo. Realistically I wouldn’t be taking them both out on my own very often. This is when we decided we will use the SilverCross travel system , it is basically brand new in amazing condition as I only used it from new for 6 months – babygirl in carrycot and would buy a buggy board for Nate. This gives him the option when he gets tired and it’ll be fun for him. He is a confident walker and if we nip out he will love the buggyboard. We’ve also decided to try babywearing so getting a baby carrier for babygirl. Jack is actually very up for it! We went to try them on and he loves the BabyBjorn…… the smaller one which is for up to a year. He said he can’t imagine he’ll carry her for more than a year. So this is perfect if we know we are going for a walk or nipping somewhere – we can grab the baby carrier and the babyzen yo-yo so Nate can sit and baby will be content on mine or Jacks chest. I feel like these options will suit us and has saved us lots of money! However we have also decided, we will see how it goes. Not going to rush and buy a double but we are open to going and buying the Joie side by side if we find we need it. It would be good to have for holidays too and just Incase Nate needs it. However, I think the options we have cover what we actually need.

So this is where we are at!!!! However now we are in isolation and all about the daily walk.. it kind of throws it all up in the air. But I imagine jack will babydaddy and Nate absolutely loves his daily walk and we don’t even take the yo-yo with us. It’s at my house and hasn’t been used in weeks.

I hope this has been helpful! It’s been pretty much all my thoughts written down and based on our circumstances and age difference etc! Every child is different but this is what’s personally best for Nate and our baby!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you wanna pop up in dms! I love having a chat.

Love Daisy x

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