Baby Brown is Brewing – Afternoon tea

So this time around I was in two minds about having a baby shower. I just felt some sort of guilt for having a second which is actually bizarre because they are there to celebrate the new arrival! However to eliminate this sense of guilt I changed a few things and didn’t want the ‘traditional baby shower’

I thought if I went for just an ‘Afternoon tea’ then it’s more like a low key get together for the new baby instead of a big baby shower. I made a Facebook event and said it was for men, women & children, as traditional Babyshowers are just women. I also said strictly no gifts. This is because I didn’t want people to feel pressured and obligated to buy the baby something. It can also put people off coming as they may be having a hard financial month or just have no clue what to get. We said we’d rather their presence over presents. I mean, we are SO grateful if people do want to get the baby something, but we have asked for it to be when she’s here and they visit. She already has so much and is very lucky. All these changes definitely eased my mind about having a baby shower. When I spoke to people they reassured me, everyone has baby showers and it’s completely normal even with a second baby. It’s about celebrating the new life.

So with the Afternoon tea theme, I started googling and found such cute inspo on Pinterest!! I came up with the ‘Baby Brown is Brewing’ tagline which fit so nicely! And also the ‘Partea’ I wanted it all floral, pink etc. There wasn’t much themed stuff online, however towards February, suddenly loads of theme stuff came available! I decided to get paper cups which are floral mugs and floral plates etc.

Honestly I love an event and a theme!!! These are a few others I’ve done…..

Nates 2nd birthday
Mals 4th birthday
Nates 1st birthday
Nates baby shower

So, we have the date & the theme…. now was to bring my vision together! I started off going onto Ali Express. If you don’t know…. you NEED to know. ASAP. It is a Chinese wholesaler but anyone can buy stuff from it and you don’t need to buy in bulk! It seems like the most sketchy website/app but I’ve only had positive experiences. HOWEVER, buy well in advance as it takes 3/4 weeks to arrive. Basically, insta boutiques buy their stock from there and you can get loads of stuff DIRT cheap! It’s worth a look! So I started using it to buy party stuff, I used it for Nates second birthday for the balloons, banners etc. I tend to get the basics from there and then more personalised pretty stuff I go elsewhere (specialdaydesignsx)

£5.35 for a 54piece ballon arch with Free shipping…
85p for balloons…. free shipping
£1.60 for the floral teapot banner

That’s why I love Ali express so much! It’s so good got basics. But like I said – for more personalised beautiful unique bits I ALWAYS go to @specialdaydesignsx Laura is honestly the loveliest lady and will help you create your vision! Her stuff is stuff you just don’t find in the shops. It is so delicately beautiful and the quality is just so amazing, she is so skilled!!! It really does add that extra touch to your party/event/birthday. Laura first contacted me just before Nate turned 1 and I couldn’t quite believe her generosity, she gifted a lot and I’m always so so so grateful. Since then, I’ve bought stuff from her. Sometimes she insists on gifting but sometimes I have to slyly buy on her Etsy just so she accepts money 😂 for Nates birthday & this baby shower, I’ve bought items then she’s added in extra gifted items. I’m always so so grateful. A lot of my followers have followed her page and made orders so we really have helped eachother. It’s the perfect collaboration for us both! And she has became a friend of mine! I can’t recommend her enough!

Unfortunately the postman just did not handle the package with care!!!! Very frustrating so the clear board broke! Laura straight away said she was going to make a new one that night and send it the next day on next day delivery….. amazing customer service! However, I told her I’m so appreciative but we can make it work! So I added flowers to cover where it had broke! It is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍

So the Baby Brown is brewing bunting, Partea bunting, cupcake toppers, clear sign and prediction cards were all from @specialdaydesignsx check them out!!!!

So in my head, I was just going to do paper teapot cups! I found some online I really liked! However I’m a barg hunter and knew I could find the same ones cheaper! So I found the cheapest place and bought them! Always hunt the internet guys! I ended up getting them from http://party unfortunately my parcel wasn’t delivered and was lost but they sent out A new parcel on next day delivery! Very quick efficient customer service! How stunning are they!!

However, my mum actually ended up buying little teacups and saucers, jam pot From charity shops for about £1/2 each! They were so pretty! She also borrowed some stuff like cake stands from her friends. She also got an Alice in wonderland teapot from Asda for £10! She completely outdone my paper ones!

We went to Asda for all the food! We literally got cupcakes, scones, cakey bits. Then also bread- kept it really simple with ham & tomato, cheese & cucumber sandwiches then cut them into little rectangles.

We didn’t really do games! We had baby prediction cards, ones from special day designs & also my mum got some from hobbycraft which came with a little postbox! Then she also got a his big is bump game! Peoples guesses were way over 😂😂😂😂

Honestly it could not have gone more perfect! It was exactly how I envisioned it and I had such a lovely time!!!! I wouldn’t change a thing!!

If you have any questions! Or if I’ve missed anything please let me know!

Lots of love,

Daisy Jane x

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