5 things I regret buying for Nate as a newborn

One for all you pregnant mums to be!!!! Okay so as a first time mum .. EVERYONE falls into the trap of feeling like they need EVERYTHING! I fell into this trap massively and spent thousands and thousands! I do think it’s a good idea writing a list of things you 100% need and then getting them over the 9 months because then it spreads out costs! But realistically you could go to Mothercare the day before you give birth and get EVERYTHING! So don’t panic!!!! These are things I regret buying for Nate purely because he didn’t like them or we just didn’t use!!! Some of the products, I know other babies LOVE! But this is just about what Nate liked & didnt.

1) Sleepy head – CONTROVERSIAL! A lot of people swear by this product and when you think about it logically – it totally makes sense! Babies will like to be nestled in and feel safe as they’ve been in the womb! We used the sleepy head for about 4 weeks – purely because it was somewhere for him to sleep when we were in the lounge. It’s good for just putting on the sofa! When he was out of his newborn phase after 4 weeks he just absolutely hated it! Nate LOVES stretching out! He sleeps with his arms out! So being cocooned in was his idea of hell! So I quickly took it out his snuzpod. And when I think back for the first 4 weeks – he just wouldn’t be arsed at all if he didn’t have it! He happily slept just on my bed so he didn’t feel the need to feel compact and safe! So it was definitely £120 I could have saved! I will keep it for the next baby though just incase they do want it!

2) Angel care bath seat – again, I’ve seen some babies love it!! But from the start Nate just absolutely hated hated hated it!!!!! I found just holding him in a bath or getting in with him was so much easier!

3) Tommie tippee set – so this was one of my first purchases! And it was everything! The steriliser, bottle warmer & bottles! All for like £70! Well… nate HATES Tommie tippee teats! A lot of babies do! So we changed to mam! And I’ve never even use the bottle warmer! We have the perfect prep machine AND I SWEAR BY IT , BEST CREATION!!!!!!!!! That is the best £60 I’ve ever spent. But I advise against getting the tommiee tippee set … or try baby on a Tommie tippee bottle and see if they like it and if they do then fair enough get the set! HOWEVER this being said .. I do still use the Tommie tippee steriliser as I find it so much easier! Mam bottle you can sterilise in the microwave. But I find washing 4 bottles I’ve used that day all together and then chucking in a steriliser so so much easier! Then I have 4 bottles ready!

4) Long sleeve vests – I found these SUCH a ball ache to get on! I tried once and vowed never ever again! There’s no need for them! Short sleeves vests are so much easier! Honestly baby will cry so much as you’re tryna get their tiny arms through a long sleeve!

5) Car seat – okay so I left this until last because there’s pro’s and cons. Along with the carrycot! I kind of wish I got a car seat which was all sizes! So from suitable from birth to 4 years! As I’ve paid for a silvercross one which aren’t cheap and now at 6 months old I’m looking to buy the next size up which they’re on average £200! But then again I absolutely love being able to put his silvercross car seat into his silvercross wheels! Which go on which adapters which come together! I bought the limited edition wayfarer expedition travel set! So I got the wheels, carrycot, push chair, car seat & changing bag for £995. However I used the carrycot for the first 2 months. I did prefer putting him in a car seat into the wheels! Getting them out the car seat and then making up the Pram is long! So if you’re on a budget, I know quite a few people who have just bought the silvercross wheels and pushchair and then angled the push chair so it’s flat so it’s basically a carrycot! And I think that’s such a good idea! Then they got a cheaper brand car seat and bought adapters for the wheels! Something to think about! However I already have my travel set for next baby but I definitely wish someone told me all this!

Oooooo one last one is SHOES!!!! Nate is 6 months and he still doesn’t wear shoes 😂 honestly they just kick them off! Even socks he still kicks off and they don’t last!!!! And in the first few months Nate just wore a babygrow! So he couldn’t even wear shoes 😂 don’t buy tiny shoes! They’re cut but Nates never even worn these 2! Actually he wore the Peter rabbit ones for a pic and he had kicked 1 off after 4 snaps so I was like f this!!!! Never again! I will start putting him in shoes in next few months! He has some converse & nikes and some Chelsea boots but they’re size 3s so he’s got a while yet as he’s still a 1! But honestly there’s no point .. they’re not walking ?!

Ooooo another one is a birthing ball! I literally never used mine! I found no relief from it in the slightest

So this was all to do with my experience with Nathaniel and what he liked and didn’t! I’m by no means telling you what you should buy! But just hearing it from a first time mum may help a little!

Lots of love

Daisy Jane x

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