Hello 2018!!!!

New year, same me! +baby!!!


So 2018 is here…. and its time to reflect on my 2017. First and foremost it is the year of Nathaniel, it is a very special year.  I fell pregnant mid February and was pregnant until the end of October… So most of my 2017 was pregnant! This meant my life changed drastically as I was only 21 before I was preggo so my life consisted of being a reckless biatchhhhh. I was going out about 2-3 times a week minimum. My life was just fun and soooo dramatic. I would go out & do drunken antics that I don’t regret at all, but I’m glad my lifes different from that now. Everything in my life has shaped me to being the person I am today, and if I did anything different then my beautiful son would not be here. Nathaniel has given me motivation and I’ve felt a love i didn’t even know possible. And i know every mum says that and before I had him i always thought ah whatever soppy mums. But it truly is a love you can’t describe. He made me a mother and gave me a whole new purpose in life. At this moment in time, I’m sat on my sofa & he’s next to me smiling away… It is literally the most amazing feeling when they’re starting to do their social smile & they look at you and do the biggest one. They look right in your eyes and you can see how happy they are and how much they love and depend on you, its amazing ❤ But yeah.. So my 2017 consisted of doing my best for the bump, I didn’t really go out in the evening at all, I gave up caffeine the whole way through my pregnancy, obviously alcohol.  I chilled, and mellowed. I had no drama most of my pregnancy and I just worked a lot. It really does show who your true friends are. The true friends accommodate for your pregnancy and come and see you just to see you.


So what do i want for my 2018:  So obviously i want Nathaniel to have the most amazing year and this year I see myself turn 23 & him turn 1 year old. I will do everything I can for him and give him all the love I have. This year I start my law degree, again this is for  myself and partly for Nathaniel. I just want to give him the best life & a similar childhood to what i had. I had everything i wanted and more – material wise & love wise.  I want to get back into shape. This topic gets mums talking thats for sure! I completely understand that you shouldn’t care about your body you should spend every waking moment with your child and not even care what you look like etc. But why is this?? Im still a person I’m still daisy and I’m not just Nates mum. I think it is so healthy to keep your identity and not lose it. Im obsessed with my child and i love spending so much time with him- i probably spend 22 hours a day next to him. However I think those other 2 hours, I can take for myself. I believe a happy mum is a good mum! For me, the gym isn’t just physical, it mentally helps me so much. It gets my head straight, its therapeutic and it gets me out the house. Working out makes you feel amazing after and I love working towards something. I struggled with that in my pregnancy, losing the control of my body & what it looked like, getting bigger everyday. Whereas I  love being able to control what i look like – my workouts & what i eat etc. So i think if i go to the gym for an hour 3-4 times a week, then what is the problem with that?! I’ve accepted my post pregnancy body – I have mum tum & stretch marks – and it did make me really upset but I did make my son and thats something I’m so proud of. However, i like feeling good about myself – physically and mentally.  So being with my son 22 out of 24 hours a day isn’t a bad thing. Healthy body healthy mind!!!! & i believe taking a little time to myself makes me a better mum, otherwise you just bottle up emotions etc.  The same with going out for a drink. Being a mum is intense, every mum deserves a little break and to let her hair down for a few hours a week. I don’t see what is wrong with that, then i come back to my son refresh & the best mum i can possibly be. I go out not even for the alcohol, its nice just to be out.. having adult conversations lol, just being out in that atmosphere. However most the time when i get talking to someone, I drop nathaniel into conversation 99% of the time and how amazing he is and how much i miss him that night!!! And when i go out i do miss him.. I come home so excited to see him. Even when he’s asleep for 4 hours i can’t wait for him to wake up as i miss him so much.  So yes for 2018… I want to get into shape – but the healthy way and not obsessing over it. By gymming & eating well. And I’m going to also carry on going out once fortnightly so twice a month.

I also want to work on my blog & vlog alot more. In my pregnancy, i blogged so much whereas now i just don’t really find the time! And to vlog means i have to wear make up and get ready and some days i just don’t want to do that! But I really really enjoy writing, its therapeutic and I’m passionate about it! Ive been getting alot of messages too asking if I’m going to carry on as i haven’t posted at all, and yes, yes i am! Now things are soooo much more settled with Nate, Im going to fully get back into it! Honestly the first 2 months of motherhood is CRAZY!!! its such a blur! Im going to do a vlog about the first 2 months and how crazy it is and updates etc! Its better to explain over talking rather than writing! But motherhood is honestly trial and error! I remember going to town when he was 2 weeks old and it was my first time fully out by myself and it was disaster!!!! But it was all a learning curve and every mother has to go through that! All about practice! And now i finally feel like fully comfortable and settled into life and my new role. I know my son, i know exactly what he wants. i can tell the different in his cries and by the time of day i know why he would be crying. Its all about getting to know your child too and getting into a routine.  My friend & i are also working on a business venture together which I’m VERY excited for!!!! We will work so well together & we have similar ideas and visions so its going to be amazing!!!!! Im so excited about this venture, its going to be good!!! So hopefully 2018 is the year it fully picks up and thrives!!

SO to sum up: I want to get back into shape, be the best mum & give Nate the best year & life, be happy, work on my blog, work on my law degree & start the new business venture!!!!! Its going to be a fun, hectic year thats for sure!!!!!!! But I’m so excited to see what the future holds. Actually, i also want to start travelling more, taking Nate to amazing places & we’ve planned a few holidays for summer which I’m so excited for! Alsooooooo Im going to start going to church every Sunday, Im getting Nathaniel christened so i need to start going anyway but i think religion is a nice thing & a comfort. Its so important for me for him to have godparents so thats something I’m looking at for April/May time.  AND I’m moving out this year for deffssssss, so I’m so excited about that!  But id like to wait until he’s around 7 months! Its an exciting year!!!!!!

And to achieve all these i need to stay motivated! Avoid negativity and drama. I don’t want that sort of stuff around  Nate and i. When i was pregnant i had no drama and my life was so chilled and nice! And now I’ve given birth, I’ve had a little drama and i hate it. So 2018 is all about removing myself from that and negative situations!  I also need to remember to take time for myself – ask people for help. Im sure people won’t mind having Nate for a few hours,  being with a baby 24 hours a day 7 days a week is so intense! I want to stay physically & mentally healthy.  This year I’m going to grow so much. This year will see me move out & get that independence for Nate & I. And I’m soooo ready.

What i want for Nathaniels 2018: I want him to carry on smashing his milestones. He is such a smiley happy baby and i want that to stay. I love watching him learn everyday & by following apps, i follow his development and it really is amazing! Watching him grow everyday and he has such a little character already! Ive joined a baby group called Hartbeeps, so i can’t wait to do that with him & for him to be around lots of babies and me be around other mums.  I want him to be around so much love & happiness.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed following my 2017 & carry on following my 2018!!! its going to be an amazing year for Nate & I! The journey continues! Taking on motherhood!!!

me and nate

Lots of love,

Daisy & Nate x






  1. It’s lovely to see such a honest account of motherhood. I can’t believe how well you did after a C-section! I wasn’t that good at all!! My little boy was born around a week before Nate so it’s nice to hear how well he is doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thanks so much for reading & for your comment ❤️❤️ I try and make my blog so so honest and I won’t sugarcoat anything!! I’m open about anything! Honestly I can’t believe how quick I recovered after my c section! I would say I was fully recovered about 4 days later! However the 2nd night was so so so painful! Ahhhhh that’s so lovely they’re similar ages! Hope he’s well!


      1. I must of took about 2 weeks before I started to feel slightly normal after my section. Once the Codine ran out I struggled a bit! I must of came out of RBH the week that you went in as my little boy was born on 21st Oct. I literally could not ask for more perfect little boy! Although I’m always going to say that lol


      2. Ah no!! Were you bed bound for that time?? I had to have morphine the 2nd night for the pain but other than that I stopped the meds when I left the hospital! It’s crazy how everyone’s birth is so individual & different!! Yeah! I had a planned section there on the 27th! Awww amazing 😍


  2. I left the RBH on the 23rd as I was getting cabin fever! Luckily everything was fine with Charlie and we were allowed home. I also had a lot of help when I got home from the grandparents and my best friend. I struggled with the pain quite a bit after. I think because my section was an emergency, they weren’t exactly gentle with me! You did so well to not take painkillers once you left hospital!


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