Nate’s Zara sale haul

So I’am SOOO impressed with the Zara sale!!!!  I’m not really a huge bargain hunter!!! If I’m going to browse a sale it will most definitely be online! Zara is probably my favourite shop for myself & for Nate… Well i really like H&M and Gap for Nate too. But I love Zara. So when I heard they went into sale i was straight online! And it absolutely did not disappoint! If youre really this.. then stop what youre doing and go check out the sale!!! Actually carry on reading AND THEN go check out the sale! I always find the Zara sales so good and cheap too! So now i have someone else to shop for its even better..  I actually didn’t even look for myself at all…. All about nate now!!!  So I ordered some bits online & then yesterday when I was in town I popped in and found even more!!!! So good!!


Ok sooo.. Here are his amazing new goodies…

How cute are these little shirts!!!!! They were £9.99! And I loveeeee them! I got 3-6 months. I’m going to put them with trousers/leggings .. I still think he’s too young for jeans! I don’t think he’s going to wear jeans until he’s walking.


So these t shirts are so cas but cool! I do love a casual tee! I’m also loving blue as well! I usually just put Nate in grey or navy or white! But he actually looks so cute in pale blue! They bring out his eyes!! Also I’m suchhhhh a if it’s nice il but it in every colour kinda gal so obvs had to get 3 🙈🙈 but I love them! I always said when he’s in 3-6 il start dressing him in proper outfits! Whereas the first 3 months he was in sleepsuits a lot of the time! Theses tops were £3.99

img_2262 This top is slightly different than the others! And a slightly different shade of blue!! I should probably have stopped at the other 3 🙈 woopsy daisy! It was also £3.99 so cheap! So how could I not ?!

img_2249 I love knitted clothes! & I found these blue knitted trousers for £8.99! I absolutely love that they have the feet as well! I always put him in these leggings/trousers with feet from H&M so I was buzzing when I found knitted trousers with feet! I love the pale blue colour too!

img_2256 I’m obsessed with these little leggings! & my fave colour!!!!!! I love the little clouds! Makes them a bit more exciting than just plain grey! They were £3.99!

img_2255 Soooooo… he has these leggings in a dark navy and I love him in them….. and they’re girls leggings! People have had stuff to say about this but it’s not a big deal whatsoever…. I’m going to dress him in what I like and why can’t a baby boy wear dark leggings ??! I think they’re cute & that’s the main thing! So I got some more! Baby and white strip and they were also £3.99! I’m not going to dress him in pink flowery stuff because I don’t like that sort of stuff and I’m dressing him to my taste! And he can be a little girly! But when he gets to an age where he can make his own choices in what he wears then he can absolutely do that! I will bite my tongue and buy the batman and power rangers t shirts 😩😩 and if he wants to wear pink flowery dress or a princess outfit then he absolutely fucking can!!!!!! It’s completely up to him and I’m not going to try mold him into anything! I can’t wait to see his outfit choices 😎 but for now he will be dressed to my taste! Girls leggings and all sorts.

img_2257img_2166 Anyway!!!!

So here’s a few outfits I’ve put together with his new bits! Honestly my favourite part of the day is planning his outfit! I love it!!!!!! If you want to see more of his outfits then check out his insta i try and post as much as I can… well I sometimes forget and post like 10 posts in a row soz 🙈 but it’s @babieswhobrunch_ my fave is the white shirt & blue knitted leggings 😍😍😍😍

img_2264img_2265img_2267img_2268img_2271img_2270img_2266img_2269 One last thing!!!!!!

The white company sale was also really good! I got this amazing coat for him 😍😍😍 it was £19!

img_2004 I can’t wait for him to fit in that coat!!!!! I also got him some Ralph Lauren bits & Peter rabbit bits for Christmas but il put that in 2 month update/ Christmas update blog post which should be up tomorrow!

So yes! The Zara sale was amazing and I recommend! Go check it out! ❤️I’m going to hopefully put up another blog post tonight about my 2018 New Years resolutions! And then 2 month update tomorrow!!! And at some point il VLOG again!

Lots of love

Daisy & Nate x

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