1 month out the womb!

OKAY!! Im a littleeeee bit behind on blogging!!! Honestly i just haven’t had the time!! Having a newborn takes up all your time!!! And I’ve wanted to spend every one of his waking moments with him.. And then mostly when he sleeps I sleep!!!!

Soon I’m mixing week 3 and 4 together….. As Basically a round up of the whole first month! I know i know.. fab idea! But I’m going to try and do a lengthy post & hopefully dont miss out on anything!! Also …. Planning on filming a 1 month out the womb VLOG tomorrow.. As a review on my 1st month as a mum!! And what ive found difficult, etc & tips & top products Ive used.




I literally dont know where to start.. 2 weeks summed up.. Ok il start with my beautiful baby boys health!!

So unfortunately , I caught a cold which meant Nathaniel also caught the cold!! He is still snuffly & snotty.  So Nate is feeding every 2.5-3 hours and taking about 4oz-5oz each time! he is a very hungry baby!! He also had another bath & after his disastrous first one…. He loved this one!!! I took some peoples advice & got in with him and this made all the difference! He was so chilled & absolutely loved it!!!


Over the past week ive actually spent a lot of time staying in and chilling with the baby! When Nate has a bad night- I kind of want to just catch up on sleep the next day & so when he sleeps I sleep!!! He usually wakes up about 9am.. So if I have plans for the day Il stay up but if not.. He next wakes up about 12! So then il get up then & do odd bits and bobs!! Also If you saw my VLOG you’ll know i had a disastrous trip to Reading!! The buses were a nightmare! And the one day i chose to VLOG.. I had a very grouchy baby!!!! I met matthew for lunch & then Nate just started screaming round the shops so I took him into John lewis parent room & fed him and he just projectile vommited everywhere! So I took him home in a black cab! But now I can drive again it will be so much easier! Buses just stress me out! Actually public transport in general stresses me out!!!!!


So Just after week 2 … I had my first night out!!!! It honestly was so scary and i got so drunk! I was drunk after 2 glasses!!! Then the next day i absolutely suffered!!! I just couldn’t even have nate i just had to sleep! i was wiped out!!! So then i went out again the following week…. I paced myself, drunk less as i just can’t drink what i used to… and i didn’t even have a hangover!!!! I was able to look after Nate! I also want to address something….. I feel like me going out after 2 weeks raises some eyebrows… Im full recovered from c section & I felt ready to. I absolutely worship and adore my baby but i think a short break from him is completely healthy and actually makes me a better mum.  Instead of bottling things up and taking a break from him as he is very much hard work! I come back to him after missing him so much & as a better mum as i let my hair down for a short while. I care for nate 7 days a week – 24 hours a day… thats 168 hours a week… I feed him every 3 hours.. its quite intense!! So if I’m out and away from him for 5 hours a week.. Im still with him 163 hours a week. So its sooo ridiculous when people judge mums for going out. Im his mum but I’m also still Daisy and i should be allowed to still do things i like to do. Ive stayed in most the week so its nice to go out have fun & actually gave adult conversations with people. I miss him like crazy when I’m out and demand updates about him but i think its healthy for a mum to be able to still go out once a week or fortnightly and not staying in 7 days week not socialising at all.  Rant over!!!!


Soooo… ive started Christmas shopping for Nate!! And we’ve decided to get him a Toy box from my 1st years which is personalised & a bookcase!! Then obviously some other bits & stocking fillers…  On saturday we went to Greenwich to see my grandad & go for lunch etc and i got the cutest peter rabbit clothes rom M&S !! here are some small bits ive got so far!





Alsoooo… Black friday!!!! I managed to nab  my self a few deals!!!!! I got some day dresses & this beautiful top from Warehouse! I love embroidery so much! However i do feel like they’re very summery but il pair them with black tights & a winter coat & its fine!!!!


Last weekend we went on a Santa fun run which was to support Alzheimers & dementia support charity! I did it with Nate and the pram so we walked it! It was around Dorney Lake which was used in the olympics. Theresa May was also there! She gave a speech about the charity & then did the countdown for the people running!! It was the first time ive seen her in person! I didn’t actually dress up because i forgot to as we were in a rush to leave but Nate was in a reindeer outfit!!!!!!


Also this week Nate had his first paid photoshoot! Already!!!!!!!! He got this job so quick! it was for Next. It was in Shoreditch and i couldn’t decide whether to drive or not… then i thought about being on the train & tube with a pram!!! So my first journey driving after my c section & i went straight for the hour journey! There it took an hour 10 & then on the way back it was a nightmareeeeeee.. it was 5pm in rush hour & i had to drive through central london! it took 2.5 hours! Luckily Nate LOVES the car!! Hell be driving then a soon as you turn the engine on & drive he is straight asleep! He slept the entire journey home which was amazing!!!! Also at the studio there was parking which was good!!! So he did sooooo well in his shoot!!! First of all he just slept… but the shoot people are so understanding! They know you can’t tell a newborn what to do so they just go with the baby! There were 3 other babies there too so they’d come over and see who was awake & happy then they’d get changed and shoot!! When he was in his outfit and being shot he behaved sooooo well! He was awake & alert… Looking at the camera & didn’t cry or fuss at all!!! For this shot he was with another newborn & they were so cute together. They both had the hiccups and were quite happy laying together. This meant the photographer could get tonnes of shots & even took more as they said its rare to get 2 newborns together. I can’t wait to see the pictures!!! So everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled on the next catalogue & website!!! I can’t wait for him to book more jobs as he was just so well behaved & was a natural!!!! Proud mama!!!


I also started excercising!!! Nothing too much! I’m not supposed to until 6 weeks after my c section but Ive been doing some stuff with kettle bells at home! Im not going to go to the gym until after 6 weeks though. My bump has started going down however i still have mum tum! i can’t wait for it to go!!!!



Ive also been going on quite a few winter walks which I love!!! However… I took my silver cross around the lake & dont think nate was loving it!!!! Definitely need to take my bugaboo next time! It has much bigger wheels & is better for all types of terrain!


We are now doing tummy time everyday!!!


one last thing!!!! I recommend mam newborn dummy’s!!!!!! I just feel like normal dummy’s which are 0-6 are just way too big for him! So these are amazing for him! He loves them!! I recommend !!!! Also got some more mam bottles ❤️❤️❤️❤️ best bottles ever

Here are some pics of Nate & our adventures from the past 2 weeks!!!!!



Im going to try and keep more on top of it!!!!! I promise!

Lots of Love,

Daisy & nate x

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